When it was founded over fifteen years ago, it was clear to us:

Our current company, SWISS GOLD TREUHAND AG, will become an excellently positioned niche player on the international gold market. Our specialty is raw gold consulting, in which we hold a key position in the market. Because from the beginning, we have consistently oriented ourselves towards a long-term increase in value for our partners, and thus for our company itself. This philosophy will remain our top priority in the future. Only sustainable, long-term thinking and acting leads to success! Flexibility, quick comprehension and rapid implementation of recognised opportunities and possibilities ensure SWISS GOLD TREUHAND AG‘s expansion on the African continent. New markets and opportunities will continue to open up. We will give private and institutional investors access to the international gold trading market.


That was, is and will remain our partner philosophy. From the beginning we were very sure that the African continent would be our future. We and therefore you as a prospective customer are ideally positioned to participate in the great boom that is to be expected. The key competitive advantages of SWISS GOLD TREUHAND AG include our excellent contacts to the African governments and, above all, to the local population. Developed through our special appreciation of their culture, their peculiarities and characteristics. The personal trust that has grown in this way is our bank. The resulting partnerships and often friendships open up a considerable advantage for us in the bureaucratic jungle important: completely without corruption. And they enable us to purchase raw gold in a cost-saving and effective manner, which most of our competitors will never have. Our interested parties benefit from this advantage.